elderberries and hallucinations

Yesterday I visited my grandma and besides strolling through wood and field, we also collected elderberries to make this delicious syrup that keeps me healthy while the world turns cold and grey. No lie – last year I haven't been sick once! Okay okay, that's partly a lie: I came down with a cold right after the syrup was gone.. ;) You should try it, too.

One thing that I wanted to write down so that other people can learn from my foolishness: I was fascinated by all the bright colors of the foliage, mushrooms and berries so that I had to touch them. After some time I became a bit hungry and tried to pick a blackberry which wasn't that easy.. I rather squashed it than really picking it and after a while of not getting it I let it be and licked my fingers – BIG MISTAKE!! On our way home I saw weird lights pop up and I would have gotten really panicky if my grandma wasn't by my side. Not that she helped me to calm down with words but I thought that I couldn't start to panic in the middle of a forest with an old lady by my side... Therefore I just spat out the remains of whatever has been on my fingertip and just told her that the blackberry juice was kind of sour...

You can find a recepy in German here. If you just understand English, here's a slightly different recepy with honey and cinnamon.

Enjoy your own syrup and remember: DON'T DO DRUGS ;)


outer space

After Bundestag elections haven't turned out as I hoped for, I start to believe that many Germans have lost their minds. What a wonderful excuse for engaging oneself with unearthly concerns like the Universe. The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, UK showcases pictures that have been taken for the »Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013« competition. Mark Gee from Australia won in the category »Earth and Space« with a breathtaking shot of the Milky Way.

The exhibition lasts until 23 February 2014, so if you'll be near Greenwich, take a look! If you live somewhere else in the world, but don't want to miss out on great astronomical images, go to this page, to get a new picture of outer space – everyday!


in search of keanu

After all the adulation I spread before, I now have to announce that Keanu Reeves has brought me to the worst movie ever. ELLIE PARKER. Some people may not be surprised, that Keanu and such a movie have something in common, but I was! I believe in Mr. Reeves and even if he is NOT the best actor on earth, he nevertheless is a good good guy who was able to play roles in some very entertaining films (and I don't speak of »Bill & Ted«). I simply like him and that's why I collected 28 movies that were labeled with his name. But back to the worst movie ever: There is this girl (Ellie) who wants to become a famous actress in Hollywood. She realizes it's a hard game and loses faith. Over. Eeerm – sry, what's the point again? It might be I wasn't focused enough... But HEY, you can't expect full attention of someone who watches the movie just to find out there's only a cameo of Keanu!? Okay okay, I drift off again - but I hope you got MY point! »Ellie Parker« is a bad bad movie.


suck my left one

One of my favorite persons on the Internet is TeeVeeDinner aka Samuel Shanahoy. He's a transboy from Australia who – despite his believe of being a man – wears a lot of dresses. I think my fascination lies in the break of stereotyped thinking, that even I – who was an outsider most of my life – display sometimes. Besides Samuel is a punk and a few looks at his room give the idea of being a messy, creative and outstanding character. I visit his tumblr from time to time to cheer me up or to discover the next project he works on. He directs movies and takes pictures in a way which isn't perfect (in a good way!), weirdly inspiring and one-of-a-kind.


new little friends

Almost all my friends live in other citys, so I thought I make some new friends who live nearby. My plan worked out and here they are, my three brusk friends, who remind me of Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru, the three apes who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. If you also want new or more friends, I advice you to visit following dating platform: Ikea!


blog title

The quote »fuck the midtones« is from a documentary called »how to make a book with steidl«. As you can imagine it's about Steidl, a German book publisher. One finds out about how he works and with whom – from time to time his clients are called Karl Lagerfeld or Günter Grass. Everyone who is interested in print, books, typography or similar should watch it.

For a start, here's the trailer: http://www.howtomakeabookwithsteidl.com/Trailer.html